Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Latest Credit Card News

The credit card industry in the UK is constantly changing and here at our team keep a daily watch on what is happening within the companies and cards on offer to bring you all the latest news from the UK credit card market:

4th July 2008New Capital One Balance Transfer Card
2nd July 2008Capital One Platinum Card Changes
1st July 2008Egg Balance Transfer Offer Changes
20th June 2008New MBNA Platinum Card Offer
16th June 2008New Halifax Credit Card
10th June 2008New Citi Platinum Card Offer
4th June 2008HSBC Credit Card Changes Offer
2nd June 2008MBNA Rewards Card Changes Offer
2nd June 2008New Capital One Platinum Card Offer
23rd May 2009Capital One Cashback Card
19th May 2008New Barclaycard Breathe Card Offer
14th May 2008Lloyds Platinum Credit Card Changes Offer
9th May 2008BA Credit Card Bonus Miles
5th May 2008New RSPCA Credit Card
2nd May 2008Egg Changes Balance Transfer Offer
28th April 2008MBNA Platinum Card Changes Offer
18th April 2008BT Credit Card Launches
14th April 2008Credit Card Customers And The Internet
8th April 2008Credit Crunch Results In Limit Cuts
3rd April 2008Capital One Platinum Card Changes
1st April 2008Mint Credit Card Offer Changes
18th March 2008MBNA Rewards Card Offer Changes
13th March 2008Credit Card Fraud Abroad Rises
10th March 2008MasterCard Garden Makeover
7th March 2008New Barclaycard Cashback Card
3rd March 2008Egg Balance Transfer Offer Changes
25th February 2008Sainsburys Changes Credit Card Offer
20th February 2008HSBC Credit Card Offer Changes
15th February 2008New easyJet Credit Card
8th February 2008Barclaycard Buys Goldfish
4th February 2008Mint Credit Card Updates Offer
2nd February 2008Egg Cancels Credit Cards
21st January 2008Sainsburys Credit Card Offer
16th January 2008MBNA Platinum Credit Card Changes
10th January 2008NatWest Credit Card Offer Changes
7th January 2008bmi Credit Card Relaunches
4th January 2008Capital One Credit Card Changes
2nd January 2008Mint Credit Card Changes Offer
28th December 2007New Charity Credit Card Offer
28th December 2008Egg Changes Balance Transfer Offer
18th December 2007Co-operative Bank think Credit Card
14th December 2007MBNA Rewards Card Changes Offer
7th December 2007NatWest Credit Card Prize Draw
4th December 2007New Mint Credit Card Offer
30th November 2007New Goldfish Low APR Credit Card
21st November 2007VIP Entertainment Credit Card Launches
16th November 2007One In Ten People Use Credit Card Daily
12th November 2007Extra Consumer Purchase Protection
9th November 2007New Lloyds TSB Credit Card
5th November 2007MBNA Platinum Changes Card Offer
2nd November 2007Egg Increase Balance Transfer Offer
29th October 2007Credit Card Usage in Great Britain
23rd October 2007bmi Card Launches With Miles Offer
17th October 2007Balance Transfers Increase In Popularity
12th October 2007New Breakthrough Credit Card Offer
9th October 2007SonyCard Mp3 Player Offer
5th October 2007New Mint Credit Card Offer
2nd October 2007Barclaycard New Balance Transfer Offer
27th September 2007Credit Card Borrowing Down
21st September 2007Bonus Rewards From Nectar
18th September 2007New Shell MasterCard Launch
14th September 2007MBNA Platinum New Card Offer
7th September 2007MasterCard Contactless Payments
3rd September 2007Credit Card Holders Urged to Sign Up
28th August 2007New Goldfish Rewards Credit Card
20th August 2007Credit Card Borrowing Declines
15th August 2007Retailers Sign Up For Contactless Credit Cards
10th August 2007New Barclaycard Football Card
7th August 2007MasterCard Returns To Profit
2nd August 2007New Capital One Cashback Card
27th July 2007Barclaycard Increase Balance Transfer Offer
25th July 2007Credit Card Pin Code Overload
19th July 2007Virgin Increase Balance Transfer Offer
10th July 2007New Barclaycard Breathe Card
5th July 2007Credit Card Spending Rises
2nd July 2007New HSBC Credit Card Offer
26th June 2007OFT To Work With Credit Card Companies
21st June 2007Visa To Sponsor Football World Cup
15th June 2007Holiday Credit Card Tips
11th June 2007Credit Card Satisfaction Survey
7th June 2007New Citi Platinum Purchases Card
5th June 2007Credit Card Cash Withdrawals Fall
29th May 2007Post Office Financial Services Growth
24th May 2007Credit Card Fees For No Usage
21st May 2007RBS And NatWest New Card Offers
16th May 2007Credit Card Habits
11th May 2007Credit Cards Replacing Cheques
8th May 2007Contactless Credit Card Rollout
4th May 2007Airmiles Changes Cards
30th April 2007Biodegradable Credit Card
26th April 2007MasterCard Signs Up Lloyds TSB
19th April 2007Barclaycard Planning Green Credit Card
16th April 2007Checking Credit Card Statements
11th April 2007Easier Fraud Reporting
5th April 2007Credit Card Interest Confusion
2nd April 2007Egg Increase Balance Transfer
2nd April 2007New Credit Card Fraud Reporting
30th March 2007Visa Invests In Mobile Payments
22nd March 2007Barclaycard Trials Travel Card
19th March 2007Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Fees Rise
14th March 2007Credit Card Fraud Falls
8th March 2007Credit Card Fees Abroad
5th March 2007Londoners Get More Rewards
2nd March 2007Credit Cards And Travel Cover
28th February 2007Chip and PIN One Year On
23rd February 2007Lloyds TSB Introduces Annual Charge
21st February 2007Credit Card Spending Declines

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