Friday, November 9, 2007

FInance a Home: Will You Ever Be Rich?

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Will You Ever Be Rich?

What does it take to be rich?

First, let`s look at what rich is. I like to define rich as being able to purchase what you want and need when you want or need it. You are able to manage your money. Your money does not control your life. You make the decisions. Not your debt or spending habits.

You can even become a millionaire if you are wise in your management. In fact, you may not know it, but you probably know several people who are already millionaires. You would think that they would be living the high life.

The truth is many of them became millionairs by not being extravagant. They don`t spend everything they have. They save. They maintain. They make wise decisions.

They understand that status symbols aren`t what make you rich.

So how do you become a milionaire? Many people make good career choices, work hard and advance. They learn to save and invest wisely. It doesn`t matter how much you make, it is how much you spend and save.

You`ve heard of the waitress or school teacher that passed away and had millions in her bank that no one knew about. She saved. She spent less. She invested.

Start by asking yourself some basic questions. Will you be satisfied if you spend less? Can you find something of the same quality, but costs less? Would you rather have that new item, or be wealthy? Would you rather buy a new car with a large loan, or be wealthy? Would you rather have a credit card, or be wealthy?

Okay, you want to be wealthy.

There isn`t a secret. It`s your daily decisions that make you a millionaire.

We often spend everything we make. When we get a raise, we buy a new home or a new car. Millionaires take that extra money and invest it instead.

Start by having a written financial plan. This will run your finances. Write down your goals, your net worth, your debt, your savings and investment plans and monthly budget. You have to have that budget to really save. It lets you see exactly where all of your money is going. It is the road map to your goals.

Automatically have 10% of your salary deposited into your savings account each pay period. You should also contribute enough to your 401(k) plan to take full advantage of your employer match.

Read everything you can about investing. The key to really managing your finances is in knowledge.

Live below your means. Don`t buy what you don`t need. Only purchase when you are out of something. If you have tons of craft stuff, you need to use it all up before you make a trip to the hobby store.

Don`t ever use credit cards. If you have to, pay the balance off in two months. This is necessary.

If you already have credit card debt, concentrate on paying it off.

Invest in mutual funds and contribute regularly.

Millionaires aren`t made in the stock market, they are made in wise financial decisions. Manage your money well, and you will be rich before you know it.

By Martin Lukac

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