Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How to Sell Your Property in Two Weeks!

By Desmond Primus

It`s a buyer`s market again. Homes are staying on the market
for months. Factors include rising interest rates, slow
down in the real estate market, slow employment market or
location of property. Another factor is that most homes are
sold to excellent credit buyers. Excellent credit buyers can afford take their time shopping for a house. This is one of the biggest reasons why homes will
stay on the market for such a long time. Most buyers will
not qualify for a traditional mortgage loan.

The key is to attract problem credit buyers. Problem
credit buyers need help with home financing. This
type of marketing will bring a stampede of buyers to your
property, once they realize that financing can be arranged,
even if they were turned down by traditional lenders. By knowing where special sources of home financing can be obtained, its possible to sell
your home in two weeks! The reason this type of marketing works is because you`re creating a much larger pool of potential buyers. In today`s real estate market,
sellers need a marketing system that will attract buyers to
their home and seperate their home from the rest. The
system also creates competition among buyers, resulting in
the seller receiving close to the asking price.

What are the benefits to homeowners using this marketing

1) Homes are sold usually within two weeks.

2) The seller receives near asking price.

3) Potential buyers are pre-qualified by checking their
credit history, down payment source, employment status and
other factors that may enhance or detract from their
ability to buy your home.

4) A specially worded ad placed in the newspaper will attract a stampede of buyers.

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